Forty by forty introduction


Let me introduce you to a little goal of mine. And I’m putting it here so maybe YOU can help and guide me along the way. So what better time to announce this then on the 16th – as my goal is to lose forty pounds by my fortieth birthday. And I turn 40 on the 16th of November this year!

I have struggled with body image, weight and my health my whole life. I am an emotional eater. I call myself a body positive activist, yet I don’t even love my own body. I’ve started diets to only fail. My self-confidence and esteem shot every time.

But this time? It’s time I get a little more healthy. None of this diet shit. But honestly, just eating better in general and a little calorie counting so I can still eat some of those delicious things I love (like Nutella.) And of course, adding some exercise in there can’t hurt (and will help my mental health as well.)

Is this doable? I’m told it is.

Can I do it? I’m sure as hell hope so. I’ve already lost three pounds, so let’s DO THIS.

I’ll keep you updated every month on the 16th!