How NOT to tie-dye plastic Easter eggs.


Over the weekend Zoey and I thought we better dye our plastic easter eggs, since Easter is only one week away! Last year we did a tie-dye technique and really loved how they turned out. So me – being a lover of colour – thought we could try it again. But this time, on plastic eggs instead of real!

Here I give you how NOT to tie-dye plastic Easter eggs.


Equipment you won’t even bother needing: (unless you do this on real eggs)

  • Food colouring (if you are using gel, grab some toothpicks)

  • Paper towels (will leave a texture), smooth napkins, or wet ones (we used the Kirkland brand)

  • String or elastics

  • Rubber gloves (if you don’t want stain all over your hands)

  • Bowl of water and vinegar (2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar)

  • Something to hold the eggs as they dry (we used an old egg container and the plastic one it the eggs came in)

  • Plastic eggs (that don’t take any type of dye known to man)

The first step is to wrap each egg and tie the end. Feel free to have some creases here and there, it adds to the tie-dye authenticity. Well, it’s suppose to.


Some people spray the egg with the water / vinegar mixture, but we just dunked the whole wrapped egg and slightly squeezed off the excess.


Then, choosing our colours, we went to town and started decorating! Blot the eggs with colour and watch it soak in. At this point, it’s going to look pretty cool and fill you with hope and excitement!


Wait a thousand hours with an impatient child for the eggs to dry.


Once complete, open them up – not only did you get some kick ass tie dyed paper towels / napkins / wipes, but you got amazingly NOT decorated eggs….WOMP WOMP.


So pull out your acrylic paint and sharpies instead. And try to convince your four year old that it was all part of the process.


However, those tie-dyed paper towels are pretty cool. So maybe cut them into some egg shapes and hang them in your window as light catchers!