Introducing The Wilde Collective


A new look, a refresh, a new start.

A combination of photographer, designer and a crafty mama is what I’ve always been. I could never fall under one category. My mind always jumping from one project to the next.

So, I decided to rebrand myself into the Wilde Collective (I’m glad I have a last name that let’s me come up with some awesome branding options and names!)

And with that rebrand, it has opened up many awesome doors for me. Freelancing as a designer, taking pictures of amazing people, storytelling, advocating for change, and working with my hands. And I hope I can showcase all of that here.

I will no longer be taking on weddings – however I do know a handful of amazing photographers if you need a referral! And I thank every single one of my past clients (and this year to come!) for all of the amazing moments I was a part of.

I can’t wait to see where this takes me. And I hope you’ll join me on the bumpy ride! Nutella in hand.